Kinky Boots welcomes Nyoy Volante

Nyov Volante

Mr. Volante is really excited about his role in the Kinky Boots musical. This is what he said concerning the-drag-queen project: “I enjoy taking on challenges as it is fun doing it. This role is not my type and many would think it’s crazy of me but I like being called a rebellious guy who doesn’t blur new opportunities.”

The role of Lola was offered to him last year while he was busy with “Jersey Boys”. Nvoy Volante is not only excited but really happy to perform in “Kinky boots”. The thing he is anticipating apart from acting is a heavy make-up. Garish image is a real sight for Nyoy himself.

His wife, Mikkie Bradshaw may help him with that. The director has decided to hire Mikkie because she is really good at it. Her skills may be consummately applied on Volante’s face. She is the one who will imbue Nvoy with confidence to play on the stage a new role as if for the tenth time.

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