The Way of Cyndi Lauper to the Kinkiest Performance


Many would think that Lauper succeeded in music industry whatever endeavor she started. However, according to Cyndi, it was not so. She says she couldn’t get approval for a long time: “I went around the whole world looking for acceptance and the one place I didn’t ever go was right in my own backyard”.

Broadway welcomed her the way she didn’t expected to. She worked really hard and it was the thing Broadway wanted from her. Her life drastically changed when the idea for the musical “Kinky boots” had arose. This is when she felt a comfortable autonomy.

In fact, the score for “Kinky boots” was her first attempt that had a success. The mix of pop, funk mingled with electronic numbers and ballads found approval of audience and critics. Tony and Grammy awards prove it for many times.

Press was lavish with praise. The American television network ABC called her score “the best in years on Broadway”. One more influential paper The New York Times wrote that Cyndi Lauper “has created a love- and heat-seeking score that performs like a pop star on ecstasy”.

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