The Design of “Kinky Boots” Cake Has Triumphed at the Contest

The musical “Kinky boots” is not only famous in a theatrical word. The branch of confectionery knows about its popularity as well. Ashley Holt, the baker, decided to make a cake in the shape of kinky boots.

Among the others presented cakes, her masterpiece was divine and second to nine. It took her 4 months of work to create it. Her efforts resulted in a dazzling victory leaving behind the rest of inventive bakers.

Cake Kinky Boots

Ashley said that she spent almost a sleepless night on the eve of the competition to get everything done. The shiny and enticing boots made by Ashley Holt are eatable but underneath the decorations there is no cake.

There were a few cakes which featured famous pieces of art such as “The Lion King”, “Phantom of Opera”, “Wicked”, “Beauty and the Beast”. However, an idea with “Kinky boots” turned out to be a winning one. The charming musical with a bunch of Tony-awards plus great skills of the baker are an undisputable combination for victory.

The annual New York Cake Show is mastermind by Lisa Mansour. Her family is known for their cake decorating business. This show is a golden opportunity for bakers to find out more about over-the-top decorations.

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